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I am Teresa Bieler-Stütz!

My name is Teresa Bieler-Stütz. I am the founder of TBS Consulting and support companies on their way to a sustainable future through their employer brand.

As a businesswoman and manager in large corporations, as a mother of two boys and a wife, I have seen how honest decisions about a common direction in combination with profit WITH social and ecological responsibility have a positive effect on my immediate surroundings and thus on sales and profitability.

Teresa Bieler-Stütz

I am convinced, that everyone of us can make a difference and be the change you want to see in the world.

For example, I have reached over 10,000 people worldwide with a single post on LinkedIn. Ideas should get bigger by thinking about them together.

How small things can make a big difference:

Think about your last summer night with the window open: you have the crickets chirping in your ears and fall asleep. Suddenly you hear the annoying whirring of a small mosquito, it drowns out the cricket chirping and keeps you up all night! It was only one single mosquito...

Or remember the birth of your child: how a small heartbeat has changed your world forever and turned it completely upside down!

I have founded TBS Consulting because I want to make my knowledge, my operational responsibility for implementation and years of experience, which I have so far used in large corporations, available to small companies that cannot employ a person responsible for personnel management, legal, compliance or sustainability issues.

What distinguishes me from large consulting companies is that I work with you to develop individual and tailor-made solutions, give honest feedback and ask critical questions, linked to the knowledge and approaches of other companies and industries, as human to human management advices.


Sustainability and empathy are essential success factors for me

As a business woman, I have often seen how focusing on sustainability and empathy makes employees more motivated, happier and more efficient. Your work gives them meaning again and the ideas bubble up. A strong sense of community arises and everyone pulls together and wants to achieve a long-term corporate purpose together.


Establishment of new Departments

I am very proud of a lot of what I have achieved on my way, but most of all on the establishment of my own personnel management and then legal department for Eastern Europe with all the trimmings, as well as the implementation of B Corp certification for seven countries.


Experience at Home and Abroad

But I also wouldn't want to miss the 2-year international experience that I was allowed to gain in the corporate headquarters of a 360,000-employee company in the telecommunications industry as an international Diversity Manager.


Specialization in Healthcare

The health sector is especially important to me. The specialization comes from the fact that I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. I want to support projects that allow patients to be the center of attention where many current structures stand in the way.

These experiences have led me to where I am now. And I want to pass this knowledge on.

Everyone of us has a social and ecological responsibility for our next generations

As a mother, I would like us as a society to start from the premise that we have borrowed our planet from our children and that we treat people and the environment that way, plus our desire to pass on our society a little better.

When I am not in the process of finding positive rebels in companies and helping them to implement creative ideas, I prefer to be outdoors with my two sons, go running or practice yoga.

My customers say that I am just as quick, pragmatic and flexible as I am implementing my projects. When running, I'm unfortunately not as fast as I used to be in my competition time, but I do it with passion, fire and a lot of joy, just like I tackle all challenges.

Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Resource efficiency and sustainability

increase profitability, productivity and transparency. The focus is on people. If you identify everything with the corporate goal, trust and loyalty in the brand increases not only externally, but also internally and thus also the ability to innovate.

Would you like to know how we can achieve this?

Contact me now for a meeting on your way to an authentic organizational culture and employer brand.

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„I support you in establishing a strong sustainable employer branding with common goals and partnership relationships with employees and customers. Together we will position your company for the future, socially and ecologically and combine sustainability, compliance and personnel management, from human to human.“


Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Let's do it together - the best time is now!