Projects I'm Particularly Proud of

  • External university lecturers for sustainability in the environmental management courses, international relations for the courses Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Theory & Business Organization, and Intercultural Team Project Management - Innovation Collaboration
  • Support in the development of a sustainability strategy in the conception, implementation of the workshops and improvement of reporting for the common good
  • Development of an internal series of training courses for administrative staff and teachers on responsible and sustainable management
  • Personnel development concept and implementation for 250 employees in four business areas for seven countries
  • Introduction of a customer management system with process design for the traceability of cash flows to doctors, hospitals, patient organizations, congress organizers, including contractual and data protection implementation
  • Development, planning and control of the sustainability strategy through reporting, as well as its measures and impact matrix for seven countries including communicative support.
  • Introduction of a compliance management system and risk assessment system / control system via audits, as well as implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Development of concepts for more transparency in the industry and increasing patient involvement
  • Nomination of the employee initiative sustainability - TRIGOS 2020
  • Merger of two companies into one (including due diligence and contractual processing)
  • Introduction of bonus systems including works council agreements and negotiations
  • Introduction of flexible working time models and development of digital working time recording including productivity recording and evaluation
  • Corona - implementation of short-time working
  • Support in home office regulations before, during and after the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Support with elections and contracts
  • Implementation of employee and management training
  • Conversion to sustainability in food deliveries and purchases
  • Introduction of financial and social indicators such as sickness rate, termination rate, number of overtime hours per employee, training hours for employees, improvement to a positive result in the balance sheet
  • Coaching / training of young managers
  • Strategy and corporate development
  • Support on labor law
  • Support in the implementation of video surveillance and data protection, including employee training


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