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If you are really interested to get authentic and personal advice with a fresh outside-in perspective, you have found your perfect partner!

I regard sustainable, effective, individual, and critical thinking as a trailblazer for the future. Together we will find a unique and pragmatic approach for your way into a sustainable future.

„I support you in establishing sustainable employer branding, a strong employer brand with common goals and partnership relationships to employees and customers. Together we will position your company to be ready for the future, socially and ecologically and combine sustainability, compliance and personnel management.“

A modern and innovative concept needs a corresponding marketing and sales concept for the holistic development of impact, which is supported by public funding and solid legal base.

An employer brand through sustainability creates awareness and diverse development opportunities for new products, sales channels, customer relationships and more interaction with suppliers. Employees are supported in their learning and personal development, they can incorporate their ideas and observe their effects.

Employees, customers and suppliers can create design options through dialogue via co-creation, in which they can introduce improvements and thus directly influence their own product requirements. In return, through the resulting intensive relationship, you gain the loyalty of all those involved.

Teresa Bieler-Stütz

This clearly shows: by aligning your company’s economic growth / profit with ecological and social responsibility, you secure the attention of qualified and motivated future employees and customers. Your existing employees, customers and suppliers will develop and identify themselves even more with your company in the long-run This goal can be achieved, among other things, with the so-called "B-Corp Movement".

My Portfolio is Divided into these four Areas:


Innovative for the future and beyond

360°-Management Consultancy

360-Degree-Management Consultancy

Read more about how we're working together to shape your employer brand through sustainability (and maybe even B-Corp or Economy for the Common Good certification)

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Involvement and Promotion

Human-to-Human Management

Read more about how management with and by people can complement your previous paths or think differently

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Rethinking and Developing Together

Health Care Compliance Management

Health Care Compliance

Read more about how management with and by people can complement your previous paths or think differently

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Professional Handling Guaranteed

Marketing & Sales Strategies

Marketing & Sales

Read more about how I can support you legally and administratively in handling grants and start-ups

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Social Responsibility

As a mother and female entrepreneur, I take my social responsibility very seriously. Therefore, five percent of the TBS Consulting working time for non-profit organizations is provided as a donation of knowledge without payment. This offer is available after application or agreement; it is currently used by a non-profit childcare facility. Further collaborations with hospitals and start-ups will soon be implemented.

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Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

B-Corp is short for Benefits Corporations and is a non-profit organization deriving from the US. By now, it issues certifications worldwide for particularly outstanding companies with proven social and ecological commitment. The B-Corp certified companies include well-known companies such as Patagonia, Innocent, Ben & Jerrys and Chiesi Group. Become part of the B-Corp network and the movement towards better business now!

Together we will perform an impact assessment in the form of a status-quo collection and analysis of your possible effects, leading to an impact assessment of the existing and potential measures for the meaningful combination of profit with social and ecological responsibility for people and the environment. With this impact assessment we can implement the B-Corp certification and let the movement in Austria grow.

Interested to find out more how you can secure your unique competitive advantage with an employer brand through sustainability, we should start our discussions now. Let's check, what is outside of our thinking-box together!

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„I offer 360-degree management consultancy with a focus on employer branding by linking sustainability strategies and personnel processes through transparency, supported by an impact assessment.
With this you remain attractive for your employees, customers and suppliers and involve them through a mutual dialogue in the form of co-creation. Co-creation describes an approach for collaborative and eye-to-eye team work between people along the supply chain and bystanders, which is used for decision-making, process improvement or product development.“


Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Let's do it together - the best time is now!