People are the Heart of Every Company

People & Culture / Personnel development

I accompany you on the way to your individual, tailor-made and honest self-design of your future -proof, sustainable organization. Corporate culture is not just a buzzword, it is also an important factor of your economic success.

In times of constant political, social, ecological and economic changes, new approaches and solutions are in demand more than ever.

My secret to successful organizational change is empathy, listening and talking over and over again about all obstacles and chances, but also about goals and reasons, from person to person. Many changes fail because of the missing ability to perceive typical ways of thinking and the fear of losing the familiar. Beliefs, feelings, questions, and concerns about the company's current strategy must be unveiled in order to deal with them and move forward positively. People are naturally creative and want to shape their own experiences and successes.

I support you in setting up your own department and a suitable contact person for

  • People Management / Employees & Culture (formerly known as Human Resources)
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Sustainability and linked to that Internal Communications

I use different methods, such as mentoring or interim management and many individual, modular and joint development steps, in order to be able to respond ideally to your organizational needs.

Try thinking differently:

Positive rebels approach problems differently! How many good rebels do you need to try new things and enable change and innovation? Are there rebels in your company? How do you recognize them and use their strengths? Let's find out together!

Let's start

Together we Develop Programs to Move your Employees Forward

  • Integrative consideration of talent promotion, generation management and strategic succession planning, diversity follows automatically through acceptance
  • Initial and further training on the job, job expansion or job swap or external training measures, personal responsibility, supplemented by fixed modules with several participants for joint exchange
  • Team building and leadership training on responsible leadership through effect and meaning: workshop and training on the topics of anti-corruption, values, sustainability, psychological principles, principles of agility, etc.
  • Which personalities do you need in the team to implement your goals and how do you have to change your language and your thinking so that you can really work sustainably.
  • Content for hard and soft skills tailored to organizational and learning interests
  • Strategic support in setting up your own responsible department for sustainability & internal communication
  • Linking company health & safety programs to promotion and personnel development

Developing Programs

Public relations and creative marketing measures: through creative implementation you will become a pioneer and beacon in your industry. Employer branding is not a single measure, but the sum of the steps within your corporate culture.

Let's do it together - the best time is now!